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  • 10 Tips To Kick Start Weight Loss

    10 Tips to Kick Start Weight Loss
    Trying to lose weight is tough. Keeping it off is even tougher. Here ar
    e some tips to remember to get you on the right path.
    1.Pick the right weight loss plan. A low/no carb diet is a no bueno for me. You
    may do well for about a week or two, but they’ll be back again. If you know you love carbs and start down that path, it may eventually end abruptly with you gnawing on a
    biscuit. Choose your plan wisely.
    2.MEAL PLAN. Break out your calendar and right down what you plan to eat for each
    meal for the week. Make a note of days you don’t plan to cook. If you are going to
    eat out, write it down.
    3.MEAL PREP. Once you have your meal plan, head to the store (more than one if
    needed) and get all your items for the week. Wash all your fruit and veggies and bag up snacks. You want to make it as convenient as possible for you to stay on track.
    4.RESEARCH. When you plan to eat out, check out the menu before you go. That way you won’t get there and find out all they serve is bacon double cheeseburgers.
    5.CARRY A SNACK. Always keep a snack with you. You’ll be out, starving and start
    looking at the vending machine. Vending machines are the Devil. There is nothing
    for you there! Trail mix and protein bars are great options because they help curb
    your appetite and give you energy.
    6.REMIX OLD RECIPES. If you have a favorite dish that you love but may not be the
    best for your waistline, remix it. Can you add more veggies? Substitute regular
    cheese for low-fat or fat free options. Bake instead of fry.
    7.PLAN TO CHEAT. If you know your going out with your friends and plan to
    throw back a few cocktails, try to eat light all day. You won’t feel too guilty because you atepretty good all day. Just get back on the grind the next day.
    8.GET MOVING. We know eating right is 75% of weight-loss. To get the full benefit, you need to exercise daily. Walking alone does wonders, find a workout that you LIKE.
    9.KNOW THE GOOD AND THE BAD. Study your favorite foods. Read the labels before assuming that it will aid in your weight loss journey. Toss out the bad stuff.
    10.EACH DAY IS A NEW START. If you fall off one day, don’t just give up on the whole week. Just be thankful for the opportunity to wake up another day for a fresh start.  
    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, If you fail to plan, plan to fail. I hope you find these tips helpful in you health and fitness journey.
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