Zakia Blain,  CEO FCKbeingFAT LLC


I am NOT a nutritionist or a trainer, but I have struggled with my weight ALL my life, I know what works for me. I have been on every diet known to man…lost weight, then gained it right back. A little over a year ago two people I loved told me plain and simple that I was FAT. It hurt, but it was the truth. I committed to changing my life, to date if have lost over 50 Lbs…. not with a fad diet, not with a magic pill. I lost the weight by simply changing my diet and committing to exercising 5 days a week.

I created the FCKbeingFAT Weightloss Challenge to provide a support system of women who shared the same goals, dreams, fears and insecurtiies that many women attach to their weight. In the process of the challenge these women have been able to face what has held them back, finally being able to embrace HER…the women they never thought existed.

FCKbeingFAT was created to provide a platform for women striving to find themselves, live better lives, while committing to find, embrace and love the HER they are destined to be.



findHER, embraceHER, lvHER….

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